Kativik Regional Government

Sun Transit Period - Autumn 2017

As many of you are already aware, with the arrival of fall, we are approaching the solar transit period for fall 2017.

This is the time of the year where for a short period in the afternoon, the sun, the satellite and our satellite dish will be aligned for a few minutes. During this time, radio emission from solar radiation will cause enough interference with the signal from the satellite to interrupt the Internet service. This year, the solar transit period will begin on October 10 and end on October 15. We will see service degradation as early as 1:36 PM up to 1:44 PM.


Date    Start time    End time     Duration
Oct 10    1:39 pm    1:41 pm    2 minutes
Oct 11    1:37 pm    1:44 pm    7 minutes
Oct 12    1:36 pm    1:44 pm    8 minutes
Oct 13    1:36 pm    1:44 pm    8 minutes
Oct 14    1:36 pm    1:43 pm    7 minutes
Oct 15    1:38 pm    1:41 pm    3 minutes


During this time, internet service will be interrupted in every Nunavik community.