Kativik Regional Government

Quarterly Update: November 2016

Keeping Nunavimmiut up to date on the work of the Kativik Regional Government

2016 11 quarterly update en

Update, July-September 2016: NUNIVAAT - Nunavik Statistics Program

Based on a long history of cooperation between the Kativik Regional Government (KRG)
and Université Laval, Nunivaat was
established in 2005 as a permanent, public and independent statistics program on the socioeconomic situation of Nunavik. Nunivaat is
directed by Université Laval and funded by the KRG.


Study on the Cost of Living in Nunavik – In December 2013, the KRG, the Makivik Corporation and the Québec government agreed to fund a study to generate hard data on the cost of living in Nunavik through in-depth analysis of the consumer patterns of Inuit households with a view to developing a comparative cost of living index.

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Press Release: For a Safe and Fun Halloween: Safety Tips for Trick or Treat

Kuujjuaq, Québec, October 28, 2016 – Halloween can be a time of both excitement and potential danger. The Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF) encourages parents, guardians and children to read these simple Safety Tips to help keeping everyone safe:

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Sun Transit Period - Autumn 2016

As many of you are probably aware, with the arrival of autumn, we are approaching the sun transit period for autumn 2016.

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Press Release: Search for Missing Hunter in Inukjuak

Kuujjuaq, Québec, October 4, 2016 – Since Saturday September 24th, 2016 the Kativik Regional Police Force (KRPF) is participating in a search and recovery operation with the local authorities in Inukjuak for community member Jobie Nungaq. He was reported missing during a hunting trip with three other persons on Frazier Island, southeast of Inukjuak, after the group’s canoe went adrift. In order to reach back the shore, the man made a makeshift raft out of plastic containers but it capsized while underway to his destination. The individuals accompanying Mr. Nungaq are safe and were returned to their families.

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