Kativik Regional Government

Offence Management Bureau

The Offence Management Bureau is responsible for processing the statements of offence issued by the Kativik Regional Police Force and municipal bylaw enforcement officers. After being served a statement of offence for a municipal bylaw or a section of the Highway Safety Code, an individual has 30 days to inform the Offence Management Bureau or the northern village if he pleads guilty to the violation and to pay the set fine to the northern village. If the individual pleads not guilty or fails to forward his plea before the deadline, the Offence Management Bureau transfers the file to the Court of Québec so that the case may be tried. Collected fines are transferred to the northern villages where the offences were committed.

Step-by-Step Offence Management Procedure

1- The northern village adopts a bylaw to regulate a situation and sets a fine for any infraction of the bylaw.

2- A Kativik Regional Police Force or municipal bylaw enforcement officer may serve a statement of offence to any person who violates the bylaw.

3- The person has 30 days to enter a plea (guilty or not guilty). If the person pleads guilty, the person must pay the fine to the northern village where the infraction occurred.

4- If the person does not enter a plea within 30 days or pleads not guilty, the file is transferred to the Court of Québec.

5- When the Court is ready to proceed, the Offence Management Bureau acts as prosecutor on behalf of the northern village. Trials are usually held by conference call, except when the person is a minor.

6- Based on the evidence submitted to the Court, the judge decides if the person is guilty or not.

7- If found guilty, the person receives a notice of judgment and must pay the fine plus an additional cost to the Bureau des infractions et amendes. The moneys collected are transferred to the northern village where the infraction occurred.

8- If the fine and additional costs are not paid by the person, the file is transferred to a fine collection for the Québec government who may conduct a seizure.

9- If found not guilty, the person receives a notice of judgment and does not need to pay the fine.