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Québec sent athletes to the Arctic Winter Games (AWG) in 1972, 1974, 1976 and from 1986. Since 2000, Team Nunavik–Québec (TNQ) has carried on this participation every two years.

Team Nunavik–Québec 2016 was comprised of 64 athletes, six cultural performers, 13 coaches and seven mission staff. Our athletes have participated in five different sports: Arctic Sports, Badminton, Cross-Country Skiing, Dene Games, Table Tennis and Snowshoeing. So far, our athletes have excelled in Arctic Sports and Dene Games, which are traditional competitions enjoyed by the different cultural groups throughout the circumpolar regions.

Team Nunavik–Québec cultural performers participate in cultural exchanges, daily performances and gala concerts at the AWG. They have the opportunity to meet other national and international contingents and share their talents and their pride in Nunavik culture, as well as learning about other circumpolar cultures.

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