Kativik Regional Government

Marine Infrastructure

Under the James Bay and Northern Québec Agreement, the governments of Canada and Québec made a commitment to improve marine infrastructure in the communities. Pursuant to Section 4.2 of the Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik (Sanarrutik Agreement), the Québec government committed to pay 50% of the construction costs of this marine infrastructure and to fund daily maintenance costs, including major repairs, subject to the federal government paying its share. Between 1999 and 2011, the KRG coordinated construction projects in every community worth $91.5 million. The Construction Division of the Makivik Corporation was given responsibility for carrying out the projects. Marine infrastructure has had a significant positive impact in the communities, including improved safe access to the sea for Nunavik Inuit harvesters and more efficient sealift operations.
Since 2009, the Department has been responsible for planning and coordinating regular maintenance of community marine infrastructure in accordance with available funding. Over this period, the Québec government has provided some funding for maintenance, while the federal government has yet to make any contributions. Further to the priority action contained in the Québec government’s Plan Nord toward 2035, to ensure the ongoing viability of marine infrastructure discussions have been launched with the Société du Plan Nord to obtain additional funding for community marine infrastructure maintenance through a new long-term agreement.