Kativik Regional Government

Transit Services

Usijiit para- and public-transit services are delivered in every community. The northern villages are responsible for day-to-day operations and vehicle maintenance while, pursuant to mandate B.20 of the Agreement concerning Block Funding for the Kativik Regional Government (Sivunirmut Agreement), the Department funds para-transit services and delivers technical assistance for both para- and public-transit services. Usijiit para-transit and public-transit services, combined, transport over 150 000 riders annually in all the northern villages.
Although ticket and monthly passes are now in use in most communities, generating some revenue for the northern villages, public-transit services are partially funded under the Québec government’s Programme d’aide gouvernemental au transport collectif regional (regional public transit assistance program). Some northern villages also draw revenue from funding made available by the KRG under the Partnership Agreement on Economic and Community Development in Nunavik (Sanarrutik Agreement) for bus-driver positions.